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Carssentials is a sleek, compact, all-in-one organizer for your car, truck, RV, or home. There are three removable dividers and four mesh pockets that give you the flexibility to organize your car essentials, YOUR WAY! No more overflowing car doors, things rolling around in your seats, or messy center console. Carssentials can be stabilized in your car for all of your needs, or take it on the go. You will always be prepared and organized with Carssentials!

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* Three Removable Dividers
* Four Mesh Pockets
* Multiple Grooves To Arrange Your Dividers
* Two 1-inch wide Hook and Loop strips for anchoring your product
* One Eyelet and Lock
* Size 11x9x4
* Water Resistant Material
* Compact and Sleek Design with Handle to Take it on the go!
* Two Pounds

2 reviews for Carssentials

  1. Beth

    I love that it is compact yet I can make my car look near and stylish. I ordered for my friends as it makes a great gift. Love not having my car cluttered!

  2. Sue Zimmerman

    Carssentials is the best! My car no longer has things thrown all over the seats and tucked in side doors ..everything is now neatly kept in one place and easily accessible for when I’m driving the kids to school, sports and activities. Getting one for my husbands car too!!

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